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The Roofing Contractor Famous Airplane Designers Prefer

– Jerry and Shirlee Bakeng

I just found out I put a new roof on the home of well known Boeing aeronautical engineer Jerry Bakeng.  Pardon my silly title.  Maybe I will be found by some more Boeing employees needing a roofing contractor.

This entry is about the most interesting customer I have had since I started as a contractor in 1997. Jerry Bakeng is the inventor of “The Bakeng Duce” .  This aircraft was featured in the May 1971 issue of Sport Aviation (photo shown at top).  That same year the aircraft was also awarded the Outstanding Design  Trophy at the annual EAA fly-in in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  The story goes back to October 1969.  Jerry Bakeng designed a two seated sports-plane and started the construction right away.  After six months and $1500.– it was ready for its first flight. This flight took place on April the 2nd 1970; the air-crafts registration was N70BD.  He named the aircraft the “Duce” and it was a redesign of the Baby Ace. The aircraft was a success because of its performance.   The EEA gave the aircraft (and its designer) a few prices in 1971. The prototype (N70BD) is still flying today. The success of the Duce stimulated Gerald (Jerry) Bakeng to design a biplane version of the Duce. In 1972.  Soon after the Bakeng Double Duce took to the air. Gerald Bakeng founded “Bakeng Aircraft” .  Of both his planes (mainly the Duce), hundred of drawing sets were sold to individuals all over the world. The aircraft was mainly built in the USA and building of the aircraft took approx. 1000 hrs. The Duce was so popular that a Bakeng Duce club was founded in the USA.

Open cockpit flying on a warm summer afternoon over beautiful countryside enjoying the sheer pleasure of free flight had to be amazing.

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