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  • Roofing FAQ
  • Which areas do you serve?

    Areas Served:

    We offer roofing services throughout the Portland, Oregon metro area.  This includes the Portland west side areas of the West Hills, Beaverton, West Slope, Aloha, Cedar Hills, Raleigh Hills, Forest Heights, Garden Home, Tigard, Mt. Park, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Wilsonville, Sherwood, McMinnville, Oak Grove.

    This list is not 100%, we will basically offer service to anywhere else within a 45 minute drive from Portland, OR.

  • Why should I choose you as my roofing contractor?

    We are always ahead of the curve and offer the best roofing service of any contractor in Oregon.

    -We guarantee that every new roof installed and/or roof leak repaired will remain leak free.
    -Long warranties, same day phone or email estimates using satellite technology.
    -18 years of excellence in new roof & skylight installations. Roof leak repair and gentle roof cleaning.
    -If you prefer a roofing contractor that answers the phone and emails regularly, then contact us!

  • How much does roof leak repair cost?

    A basic breakdown of the process and cost for roof repair:

    $200 to dispatch one of the roofers employed exclusively by this company to your roof.  Usually in the first 10-40 minutes the roofer sent to your home will know the amount of materials and the number of hours needed to fix your roof.  That time and materials information is shared with you and at this point roof repair work begins.   The cost of materials is additional.  We keep our service vehicles stocked with the most common materials required for roof repair, but if we have to go get materials for your roof that is on the clock.

  • Why should I choose you to repair my roof?

    We have provided roof leak repair to Oregon since 1997 with an impeccable record at stopping leaks permanently.  Only two of our customers have required a warranty repair and we quickly took care of them.

    You can see evidence of our record by reading our online and Google reviews.  If your roof is leaking we offer to send one of our excellent roofers to repair your leaking roof under warranty or for a reasonable price.

  • Do you offer free estimates for roof repair?

    Our policy is to not offer free estimates for roof leak repair.  A little known fact is that free estimates force roofing companies to have to charge more for the actual repair work. We refuse to charge our customers more to make up for the cost of non-customers.  Saving our actual customers money is the right thing to do and vastly outweighs any benefits we may get from offering so called “free estimates”.

  • What if I still want a free estimate?

    Unfortunately we do not offer free estimates for the reasons listed above, but we do not mind if you get “free estimates” from our competitors.  Our rates are not inflated by the cost of “free estimates” so we will still be able to save you money.

    Call us when your ready to get the work done!

  • Can you tell me about your roof warranty?

    We have chosen GAF as our preferred roofing partner. GAF materials are the industry leader for quality and longevity.  New roofs are installed to the highest standards and are backed by a GAF exclusive warranty,  including up to 50 years.

  • Can you tell me more about your company and credientials?
    • We have maintained a near perfect roofing record since first being licensed in 1997, with only two minor roof leaks that were quickly repaired under warranty.
    • We employ only the best roofing talent in our industry.
    • We have an A+ rating and accreditation with the BBB.
    • Licensed, Bonded and Insured.  Click here to see our excellent record with the CCB.
    • Licensed as Residential General Contractors:  You can count on us to find the right trades-person for other services your home needs.
    • Because we are on Google for free and have a more efficient business model than most roofing companies we can offer quality without inflating prices.
  • Do you offer roof certification?

    Yes we offer professional and prompt roof certification for all types of roofs.

    Certification costs -

    • Roof certification price is based on perceived risk and perceived liability for promising the buyer and the bank that the roof will be problem free for another 3 to 5 years. Because of this we need to know a little more about your roof before giving a price quote.
    • Discounts offered to all real estate agents.
    • The cost of any needed repairs will be in addition to the cost of the roof certification.
    • For questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!
  • What type of roofs do you install or service?

    We can install or repair any type of roof on the market.

    Please see our Roof Types page for more information.

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