Roof Repair and Roof Leak Service

Do you have a leaky roof in Portland or in the surrounding cities?  Has your roof suffered damage due to wind, trees, moss or mold?  We can help!  Our team of roofing experts can repair any roof damage you might have on any type of roof.

Can we save you money by repairing your roof immediately?  Don’t let a small inexpensive roof leak problem become a big money problem! Are you saving any money by delaying repair and collecting several bids? Don’t risk having to pay for the replacement of insulation and sheet rock plus re-texturing and repainting your entire ceiling.  Leaking roofs are a major cause of mold and wood rot in the Northwest.  Even if no one in your family is sensitive to mold why let problems get started.   Call us immediately and get your roof fixed in a jiffy.

From the owner Chad Westover:  The Portland Roofers roof leak repair team is made up of roofers employed exclusively by this roofing company. Men I have great confidence in. The roofers we employ can diagnose and repair your roof leak. Unless the situation warrants a roof replacement we will repair your roof and it will remain leak free.

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