First a little history about Oregon Contractors 
The Oregon Construction Contractor’s Board issued the first license numbers in 1972.  Licensed contractors that have been in business with the same license number since the 1970’s to the early 1990’s will have 5 digit  license number.  Contractors licensed in the later 1990’s will have 6 digit numbers.  Some contractors  you might find advertised might of had several license numbers during their career.  The CCB cross reverences all license numbers so it is not possible for a contractor to simply be a Crook and then go get a new license number.  A common reason that a contractor would get a new license number would be to change business tax entities, to end a partnership or to form a separate company to take on a larger commercial project.

Why have we had more than one CCB license #?

The current license number is cross referenced in the system with two earlier #’s showing the company owner has had many different business experiences.  A partnership, a sole proprietor and a single Member LLC & now an S-corp.  A search of the name Chad Westover at the CCB will show he has been licensed since 1997.

Why are there several business names listed under license #178799?

Remember looking for businesses in the phone book.  Business names starting with the letter A were listed in the front of the section they paid to advertise in.  AmeriChoice and AmeriChoice Contractors LLC caused my business to be listed after all the AA & AAA businesses listed in the yellow pages section of the phone book under roofing contractors, roof cleaning ect.  As Google became the way people found roofing companies and everything else I had to figure out how Google works.  I bought several business names and .com domain names and tried several different strategies. was the one that work extremely well at being a website and business name that Google would list on the first page for key words related to things home owners need a roofing contractor for.

Why are we a roofing company licensed as a general contractor?

If we were licensed as a specialty contractor we would have much more limitations on what services we could legally offer to home owners.  We have been offering new roofs, roof cleaning and roof repair since we were first licensed in 1997.  There were times I have had partners or key employees and advertised to offer other services that home owners need besides what is offered on this website.  If you have needs for your home beyond your roof we encourage you to ask us about those things.  We will only take on other projects that we are a good fit for as a contractor the rest we will recommend another contractor for you to consider.

Other miscelaneous points regarding our business names:

  • Alphabetical listings in Yellow Pages in the 90s (Americhoice starts with an A).
  • Discovering how Google works after 2007 (City based business names).
  • 2013 Aquiring a more memorable business name, website & phone number  (503) New-Roof  /


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