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Roofing Contractor

New Roofs:

We feature high quality architectural style shingles from the two best major manufacturers of roofing shingles.  All work is done to manufacturer’s specifications. Available in several grades and many colors. Shingles with warranties from 25 year to lifetime.  Class A fire rated. Many Colors to chose from.

Roof Repair:

100% success rate for roof repair.  In business since 1997 and no roof repaired has ever leaked again.

Roof Cleaning:

The safest and most efficient roof cleaning equipment available.

Cedar Roofs:

We use the proven best wood preservative for making cedar roofs last.


Which cedar preservative is the best option?

Because your roof is made of wood, you must maintain it to avoid a big replacement bill sooner than you expect. To make it last, a good wood preservative must be applied. Beware trusting your roof cleaning to the wrong contractor who would use harmful products that could actually do damage to your roof. Water based product is NOT a wood preservative. So why is it that almost all contractors are offering consumers anything but the best wood preservative to treat a cedar roof? They do it to MAXIMIZE their profits by giving you cheap products. Check out my treatment section to find out more about what I use and the differences.

Quality vs Price

I got a phone call from a customer the other day who I had lost to another bidder. The customer picked a low bidder over me. Their roof repair did not fix the leak and it’s leaking again, so they would like to pay me to come do it right. It is important to do your research on a contractor before you hire him so you don’t end up in the same situation.

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