Roof Leak Repair Price?


    • I know home owners have many roofing companies to choose from and I and the roofers the company employs are greatful for the daily bread that each roof repair provides.  This business has the least over head possible while still paying for all taxes, bonds, license and insurance the law requiers.  Most people understand that the more costs a business has the more that business has to charge it’s customers for the services it provides, but still many people do not make the connnection that to provide a “free estimate” in person I would have to pay one of the roofers I employ plus fuel to provide that “free estimate”

The more “free estimates” a business gives, but does not get the job the more that business has to charge the customer who does give the business a job.  I just could not feel good about myself  charging my customers extra to pay for the people who took a “free estimate” from me.

All roofing contractors have to pay the same price for good materials, quality labor, insurance, bond, Groceries, ect, ect so the contractor without the costs of “free estimates”  has a cost saving he can pass on to his customers.

When I tell potential customers my operating costs are low none of them get mad at me for having nearly free advertising through this website, answering my own phone, No office personel other than myself, operating my roofing business from my home.  However some people who call for little jobs like roof leak repair do get furious with me for not allowing them to raise my business cost by being one of their 3-5 in person free estimates.   In fact my roofing business has all 21 perfect reviews on Google alone from customers who have paid for the services my roofing company provides.  However my roofing business has three reviews on google that are 1 star.  Two of those are from people who got angry for my refusal to give them a “free estimate” in person.  Another from a guy who is angry that I don’t give a stay clean warranty for gutter cleaning.  The major thing I do that saves my customers the most money and keeps the business operating costs lowest is I do not cause my customers to have to pay the cost of “free estimates”.   When a home owner calls 3 roofing companies for an in person “free estiamte” 2 companies lose money and one company make a little money.

We did a leak repair job on a 30 year warranty asphalt roof; the roof was only 5 years old.  This leaky roof had been installed by another roofing contractor.  The roof leak was due to a type of roofing tar being used rather than a properly installed flashing kit at the chimney.  A short section of valley also leaked due to the previous contractor nailing too close to the valley.  The total invoice with materials was $715.  This roof has at least 20 years of use left.  The cost of the service we provided over the remaining life of the roof is only $35 a year, or  .09 cents/day.  


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