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We take care of any roofing problem, big or small.  New Roofs, Repair, Roof Cleaning.

Is your Beaverton roof made out of cedar shakes or shingles? The Portland Roofers’ cedar roof preservative can keep your roof looking brand new. We will clean your roof once, apply the preservative, and you will never have to clean your roof again—as long as the preservative is applied every four to five years.

The preservative comes in seven different shades, and blocks sunlight, which in turn prevents fading. It also soaks into the wood of your Beaverton roof, and prevents algae from growing on the shakes or shingles. So if you have a cedar shake or shingle roof, give us a call to make your roof last as long as possible!

Quality is extremely important to us; we believe in spending the time on your home to ensure that each job is done correctly and with the utmost of care. We have an A+ rating from the BBB, and our Google reviews practically glow with the testimonials from happy clients.

chad1Owner, Chad Westover, stands behind his business and his employees. In fact, when you call for your estimate, service or warranty—he himself will answer the phone or will you back in that same day. As well, Chad never hires temporary employees when he is in a busy spell; instead, he turns to a pool of qualified and experienced employees that he shares with his competitors. This way no one loses employees because of lack of work, and everyone is able to complete their projects.

Don’t know what type of roof you need in your home? Not only do we provide estimates on the cost of each type of material, we can suggest which type of roof would be most beneficial for your type of home and the area that you live in. Chad believes that putting roofs over home owners heads is a very important job—and one he loves doing.

Your Oregon roof is one of the biggest investments of your home; make sure it is clean and maintained by contacting The Portland Roofers. We take care of any roofing problem, big or small.

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